Web Application Security Scanner


Businesses constantly rely on web applications because they allow their employees to access critical data at anytime from anywhere. This allows for better productivity and collaboration. Unfortunately web applications tend to be susceptible to vulnerabilities that can be automatically detected and easily exploited. Reports and Statistics show a constant upward trend in hack attempts and successful attacks. Identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your web applications before they are exploited is one of the best defense against these attacks. Using a web application security scanner can help find these security gaps and identify exploitable weaknesses that can leave your business exposed.


Scan any type of Web Application

Scan any type of web application, regardless of technology used to built it, with full support for AJAX and Javascript based applications. With an intuitive user interface scanning can be initiated in seconds, without the need to configure the scanner, and used to scan modern Web 2.0, SPA, HTML5 and any other type of web application.

Automate without manual verification

Scan hundreds to thousands of website without wasting hours simply configuring the scanner. You do not need to configure custom 404 error pages or URL rewrite rules. Identified vulnerabilities also do not need to be manually verified, with a proof of exploit being generated to highlight the vulnerabilities’ impact. And if something cannot be verified automatically you will be alerted.

Desktop and Cloud Support

Have the ability to scan straight from a desktop, or remotely online. Available as an easy-to-use Windows application, the scanner comes with built in reporting tools and penetration testing. As an online scanning service you are able to configure every detail of the web application security scan such as policies, HTTP options, authentication options and everything else.

Collaboration made easy

Have the ability to add team members as users, all of them with different privileges, which can allow them to use all the enterprise level work flow tools in order to easily share and collaborate findings as well as  improve the process of securing web applications.