The threat of malicious software is ever present in modern times and has kept growing exponentially as years go by. There are literally thousands of new malicious programs found every day. Cyber criminals are constantly finding ways to get into computers and networks, usually by exploiting some fault in the system. Malware in particular remains a constant threat to organizations of all sizes, causing millions of dollars worth of damage annually. Being prepared in advance is the best strategy making an Anti-malware solution your greatest advantage.

Protection against advanced threats

Detect and remove malware in real-time. Scans automatically look for the newest threats thanks to anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit technology.

Protection against Ransomware

Stop both known and unknown ransomware in a manner that proactively works to protect your files. Effectively block threats from the beginning by covering your system in layers of defense that prevent vulnerability exploitation of your system.

Fake Site Protection

Avoid malicious links and detect fake websites. Be constantly protected from downloading malicious malware, infected advertising and hacking attempts.

Identify vulnerable endpoints

Using a management console gather threat data from distributed endpoints to address and minimize security risks, deploy and configure endpoints, and manage policies by user group.

Conserve Resources

Minimizes the use of system resources by using a small footprint, without requiring frequent updates and while conserving network bandwidth.